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Just Painted Laces

Ressha Sentai ToQger

... Under frills and blouses, there are only needs to be fulfilled.


Mio held her breath but that didn't help. Her heart was pounding louder and louder until she could no longer hear Kagura. Maybe she couldn't hear her, but oh - oh, yes, she could definitely still feel her. Mio shivered as Kagura's hands traced patterns on her bare skin, whisper soft and tantalizingly gentle.

Every touch of Kagura's fingertips seemed dizzying. Mio's skin was too hot, and even though she knew that Kagura's hands were too, it felt good to be touched. Even the feel of the other girl's breath on her thigh made Mio's head cloud.

When Kagura's cheek lay suddenly upon her inner thigh, Mio bit back a gasp. For just an instant, she thought about burying her face in her hands, but then Kagura moved again.

She began so gently that Mio had to struggle to focus hard enough to know where her fingers were. Kagura had a way of teasing Mio like this, drawing her hands too gently to do anything more than create goosebumps and create little shivers. Mio couldn't get enough.

Kagura was as sweet as always. Her mouth pressed kisses, slow and lazy, up one of Mio's inner thighs. The feel of her small hand hooking around Mio's knee was just as exciting as the way her fingers danced across fiery skin.

"Mio-chan," she murmured. Even her breath was enticing. That just wasn't fair.

"Kagura." Mio ran her lower lip through her teeth. "Please... " The other girl gave a quick nod. She understood even without looking up to see that burning look reflected in Mio's eyes.

Then Kagura's hand ran across the waistband of her panties and Mio's breath caught in her throat.

Once she had Mio's panties pulled off her legs, dropped somewhere on the floor with her shorts and jacket, No time to worry about little things like that now. The low rumble of the train could barely be heard over their shared pounding heartbeats.

Kagura's hands pushed against Mio's legs and Mio eased them apart herself. Her eyelashes fluttered darkly on her too hot cheeks as she watched Kagura's fingers begin to move.

Her touches were delicate but decisive. It was Kagura's fingertips, tracing every inch and fold of warm skin, that were causing Mio to stifle a moan. Their usual dance had no set steps; Mio's eyes fell to a close when Kagura's fingers slid confident and slow against her entrance and pulled away just as quickly.

When they circled her clit, Mio gasped outright.

She felt Kagura tease her open, her concentration split evenly between thumb and clit. The only warning that came was the half instant that her fingers, slick now and warm, drew away from Mio. Before Mio could register the disappointment of that, Kagura's tongue replaced her hand. In long, slow licks she made Mio forget to breathe all over again.

Her mouth left wet, sucking kisses so sensitive they left Mio without air enough to gasp. Mio's fingers knotted, one hand in the sheets and the other slipping through Kagura's hair as the other girl continued lapping her clit. Under Mio's grip she slid down, her fingers curling warmly around Mio's knees.

Mio couldn't moan but she could still whimper longingly. Kagura obliged with a soft laugh. The young woman thought for a moment that she could even feel Kagura's smile pressing up against her when the other girl tipped her face up just so. The moment Kagura's nose brushed against her, Mio clapped a hand over her mouth to suppress the delighted yelp. The hand in Kagura's hair tightened reflexively, urging her on.

Kagura was practically exploring the inside of her, her tongue curling and lapping as she continued to rub her nose against Mio's clit.

She drew her hand away from Mio's thigh, leaving her muscles tensing and trembling in its wake. It was only after Mio's fingers curled in her hair that Kagura let herself be led. Her fingertips toyed alongside her mouth and then one finger slid inside of Mio while her lips were needed elsewhere.

With her finger - no, fingers, Mio could feel a second join the first and curl just so inside her - setting up a rhythm and her tongue steadily working against her clitoris, Kagura was seeing to it that Mio never stopped panting out soft moans. Even with the back of her hand pressed against her mouth to muffle the sound, Mio couldn't quiet completely. Kagura seemed pretty delighted by that.

She didn't have to tell Kagura that she was close. The other girl could feel it in the way Mio's body moved into her touch and the tightening of Mio's nails across her scalp.

When she came, Mio moaned out Kagura's name. She thought she felt Kagura shiver under her handhold, but she could never be sure. All that she could remember afterward was the shy smile Kagura shared between lazy slow kisses.

She'd never wanted to fall asleep that way, strewn completely undressed on top of the sheets. Even worse - Mio awoke with a panicked start - Kagura, who had been so sweet and patient, just to have Mio go and fall asleep on her like that!

Clinging to the blanket thrown haphazardly over her, she tried to sit up and found immediately that she could not. Something was pinning her in place.

Mio looked down to see Kagura, still very much asleep, half-wrapped in both the blanket and a tangle of limbs. Her arm curled around Mio's middle - their legs too were twined - and rather than the upset look Mio might have expected, she looked quite happy. Content, even, going by the smile on her face.

Mio's smile was sad as she lay back down, running one hand through Kagura's dark hair and stroking her thumb across the other girl's cheek.

"Sorry, Kagura," she whispered. "I'll make it up to you."

She thought she felt Kagura shiver again. She knew she felt her press closer. Mio tried to relax by first coaxing her hand down the side of Kagura's face, then her neck and shoulder. Finally she was threading her fingers through Kagura's and planning just how to make up for things starting with the kiss she placed on the other girl's nose.