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Still in Time

Kamen Rider W

... A moment alone to think and enjoy one another.


Shoutarou's ears flushed just as red as his face. Philip called the whole thing interesting, in that same tone of voice that he called things like dung beetles interesting, and that only made his partner redden further.

It wasn't the closeness that got him. Talking about close -- two people sharing a body, that was as close as you could get. Xtreme took it further, Shoutarou's body wrapped with Philip's, their every move in perfect synchronization. He was used to all that.

No, what got Shoutarou was the way Philip lay flat over his body, arms outstretched heavily over his own, effectively pinning him down. His fingers kneaded the bed sheets, and Philip's fingers twined around his knuckles in response. When he tipped his face to the side to gasp, his partner's was already there, breathing out a moan. Even now, were they still reading one another that well?

Philip's hands slipped away, running along Shoutarou's arms and shoulders. The detective pressed his cheek to the blanket, reveling a moment in the feel of cool material against his hot skin. Waiting, that was the worst part. It was a disconnect he couldn't fix on his own; Philip wasn't rushing, and that just made it that much harder to bear. Maybe it was the waiting that really got to him.

Just for a few moments, Philip's whole body lifted off of his. The breeze from the old oscillating fan swept over Shoutarou's exposed back and made him shiver. No doubt, the anticipation was growing out of control.

He wanted to complain. There were a half dozen ways he could think of to do it, and another few to say it, but he couldn't breathe in enough to give them voice or focus his mind enough to move with the idea. Philip wouldn't have approved of it, anyway. Or, and the thought didn't escape Shoutarou, he'd have thought it was interesting. That idea was unbearable.

His partner's hands massaged the small of his back and traced down his spine, low and slow. Shoutarou bit his lip.

Philip squeezed his ass, both hands pulling and running along his skin. His attention was focused entirely on his partner, his breath puffing ith soft, appreciative noises.

Shoutarou could manage just one word. "Philip."

The younger man smiled. Shoutarou's face was pressed against the bed and his eyes were closed, but he could still tell. He knew that look enough to recognize it even blind, without touch.

Making no effort to reply, and smiling in his sure way, Philip shifted into place. His knees dragged over Shoutarou's and his hips rocked as his partner's lifted. The timing was unmistakable, causing him to shudder, knowing that Shoutarou hadn't seem him move.

He guided himself into place with his hand, letting his hips do the work as he pressed inside. Shoutarou groaned, and he knew that to be a good reaction. A bad one hadn't yet happened, but he was sure it would have involved something more. Something that wasn't Shoutarou arching his back in time, shivering and moaning.

Philip leaned down, once again his whole body laying flat against his partner's, back to chest. Only his hands and hips moved, his hands wrapping around Shoutarou's and his hips in a methodical rhythm. He thrusted in time with Shoutarou's breath.

He moved faster as the heat inside him rose. His partner moaned, breath catching when Philip managed to grind in just the right place. Philip anticipated the way Shoutarou would turn his face to the right, gasping for air, and he met him with a breathy moan on his lips as his mouth pressed tight to Shoutarou's neck.

Shoutarou came before him, grinding into the sheets and rocking back hard against Philip. All he knew was how it amazing felt with this younger man, holding him still and taking control. It was almost maddening, the way his mind and body were drowning away in pleasure.

He felt Philip come, heard the way it surprised him and smiled because of it. He was the one responsible for that. Shoutarou felt the bit of pride cut through his embarrassment, listening to Philip moan thickly against his ear. Just for that moment, he thought, if he hadn't already made a mess of the bed, that sound alone could have slammed him straight into climax.

They lay in silence a while, long and comfortable. Philip's eyes closed briefly; the intrigued smile still apparently on his lips. Shoutarou rolled to his back as Philip did, reaching out with a smirk of his own to curl his fingers into the younger man's messy hair.

In the end, he said nothing. Philip watched him fall asleep without the slightest tension left in his body, and he knew that much was his doing. That closeness, the encircling trust, really got him thinking. It shouldn't have made sense, and it wouldn't have, if it weren't Shoutarou. This trust Philip held for his partner was more than reciprocated and that -- he murmured against Shoutarou's ear, watching his partner blush even in his sleep -- that was just as interesting.

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