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He Said, She Said

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

... Well, it really might work, to switch them back to their right bodies, right? May as well try all the options.


Saying he was uncomfortable didn't do it justice. It wasn't only that he was being held down in place with a rough hand gripping his shoulder, or that the edge of the bench was digging painfully into his spine. It was also the fact that he found himself staring up into his own eyes, sparkling with an unusual, alien mirth.

There it was as he winced, his own voice laughing at him and calling him an idiot. He looked up and whined, squinting through dark bangs that fell over his face. Well, hers. So far as she was concerned, that was her body and as long as she was stuck as Don, this was hers too. Still, that was Don in there.


"What?" she asked. She didn't seem to have a problem listening to her own voice gasp in surprise. Then again, she didn't have a problem staring own at her nearly naked body either, and that was a little much for Don to handle.

Don could only bite his lip and whimper as fingers -- his fingers, calloused and rough from working intently with tools and machinery -- slipped inside of Luka's bra. Warm palms cupped soft breasts and Don felt his back arch in an instinctive response.

There was his face again, smirking now this time. Luka with his voice laughed gently, drawing fingers in a nonsense pattern before pinching hard at her nipples and watching as the writhing body below her let out a fine squeak.

"You like that, Doc?" she asked. She leaned over her own body hungrily, eyes raking over every inch of flesh she could see. Damn, but she looked good like this, even if that was Don in there making those pouty little faces.

When he didn't answer, Luka went ahead and tugged her bra up, sliding it over her chest to reveal her naked breasts. She grinned as her body wiggled shyly under her hands, fumbling fingers brushing hers as she tried to cover up for decency.

"Luka!" Don let out a yelp. It was still strange to hear her own voice shouting her name, but Luka was quick to adjust. Hell, it was even stranger to have a hard on, but nobody was going to hear her complaining about it.

She just hummed, releasing her grip on her own shoulder to take both of those slender arms. Taking one in each hand, she pinned the arms over Don's head and draped herself heavily against her own body. His face turned away, but Luka just pressed her mouth to his collar bone and scraped her teeth up the side of his neck.

Don gasped, completely breathy. His hips came straight off the bench and pressed against Luka. Another whimper escaped him as she ground against his legs, just one slow rock of her hips, though the sound turned into a quiet, uncalled for moan as her kisses trailed to his ear.

Her teeth closed over his earlobe before she moved away, sucking at the pulse point on his neck teasingly. He had to struggle to hear her over the sound of his racing heartbeat as she murmured against his neck. "I wonder if all my sensitive spots stayed behind ... "


Next thing he knew, one calloused hand was between his knees, pushing them apart and forcing one over each edge of the bench seat. He watched with wide eyes, Luka still pinning his wrists above his head, as her free hand began to drift across his belly. Her touch was light, almost delicate, in an obvious attempt to tease him into whimpering, and it was working. Don gasped and pressed his face into Luka's forearm, trying to keep quiet.

That wasn't about to stop her. She pressed her face close to his, tipping her chin to fit her mouth snugly against his neck. Don let out an involuntary shiver as she began to suck at the pulse point there and he let out a sharp noise as her fingers began to stroke against the panties he wore.

"Luka," he whimpered. She pulled her mouth away from his neck long enough for him to gulp down air and quickly leaned back to nip his earlobe. Her favorite earrings clicked against her teeth. "Didn't you say no touching anywhere weird?"

"No," she corrected, and Don wondered if his voice sounded that commanding when it was him in there, inside his own body. Probably not; Luka just had that kind of presence. "I said you couldn't touch. This is different."

Her eyes flicked downward as she lifted her face away from him, leaving goosebumps behind as she breathed out over wet skin. "And besides," she continued, "it might work."

Don frowned, but he knew she had a point. He didn't like being in Luka's body anymore than she liked being in his (though the way her hips were pressed to his right this moment, it certainly didn't seem like she minded one little bit). And she was right, that this was a fine way of seeing if they might switch back. Who knew? Maybe sex would switch them back to normal after all. He was interested in trying.

She cut off his further thoughts with her lips practically bruising his in a sudden kiss. He yelped and she pressed her tongue into his mouth, curling around his tongue and sucking on it hard. Don's eyes closed and he kissed back, only whimpering a small amount as Luka hooked her thumb underneath the hem of the panties and pulled them down around his knees.

"Hey. Hey, quit it."

Don squeezed one eye open. Luka was frowning at him, a glare so intensely Luka that he forgot, for a minute, that the blond hair framing that dirty look wasn't actually hers at all.

His other eye opened and he squirmed nervously. "Um ... Luka?"

She sighed loudly. "Doc, it's not gonna hurt. Look." But instead of actually showing him anything, she pushed her hand between his legs and -- Don jerked in surprise as she pressed her forefinger into him. His mouth opened to speak but no sound came out. He couldn't focus, not knowing that she was moving inside of him and making his stomach begin to knot.

"Relax," she said with a chuckle. Luka knew what she was doing; he knew that.

Her thumb moved across the inside of his thigh causing him to tremble. Don felt her twist another finger into him before she began to really thrust. She was good, better than good, curling her fingers just so inside of him, which just made him tip his head back and hit the bench hard as he gasped.

It made her laugh, and her mouth closed over his hungrily. He was all too eager to kiss her back and moaned softly when her tongue ran along his lips. She sucked on his lower lip and then his tongue, nipping when he went breathless.

Then she moved her thumb and he made a loud noise into her mouth. She pulled away from the kiss and he whined and that made her fingers move faster. Luka tilted her face, voice low in her throat as her wet lips brushed against the shell of his ear, murmuring that he was so wet and so hot around her. Her thumb never stopped pressing and grinding over his clit and he couldn't take it. Digging his fingernails into his own palms he gave a small shout and came.

Don couldn't quite hear the hum of appreciation she made over his uneven breathing, but he did see what she was up to. She pulled her hand away with intentional slowness, brushing her fingers over his clit just to see him shiver again. Luka caught his eye as she lifted her wet hand up to her mouth and lapped it clean, making Don turn even more red than before.

"I was right," she mused. He gave a nod.

"It didn't hurt," he agreed, and Luka sent him a strange look before throwing her head back with a laugh.

"Who was talking about that? I was just saying how good I looked in bed. Even you making weird faces can't make an orgasm of mine look bad."

That only made Don pout again and there was just something about the look on his face that made Luka laugh. This close, he could feel the rumble of it and he smiled despite himself. Her hand let go of his and stroked his face with a tenderness he was unused to receiving from the look out.

"Luka?" he said in a very small voice. He could almost feel the color draining from his face. "What is it?"

The lazy smile on her lips quickly became a smirk and Luka's eyes lit up with mischief. Rough hands slipped away from his skin for a moment, just long enough for Don to whine softly at the lack of warmth. Before he knew it there she was, sliding one warm hand onto each of his knees, pushing them apart smoothly. Don couldn't help but shiver.

With a low hum, Luka settled herself into place. Her fingers trailed along his thighs and teased his still sensitive skin until he almost forgot the stiff bench that was still cutting into his shoulder. If she hadn't pushed him down against it when she pulled his legs over hers, he might have. As it was, he remembered, and swallowed thickly at the sight of her positioning.

It took him a moment to realize that he was holding his breath, and another to realize that his eyes were squeezed tight. When he opened them, he saw Luka with an impatient look on her face. Her hands threaded through his hair as she sighed, running her fingertips down the sides of his face and neck, across his collarbones and pausing over his breasts long enough to tease his nipples hard once more. Then her hands skirted across his belly and he shuddered as they swept past the wet juncture of his thighs, close but unwilling to touch there.

Instead those hands drew back and caught his hips. Don must have whimpered, because Luka leaned down once more. He tried not to watch as her lips encircled one taut, pink nipple and still wound up gasping hard enough that his shoulders came right off the bench. She had this way of rolling her teeth and tongue just so that left him gasping for air.

He reached out and threaded his fingers through her hair. His hair? With all that straightening and styling done, Don couldn't recognize the feel of it anyway. With a gulp, he tried to breathe in deep. He was stalling and he knew it. At least, he was trying very hard to stall, he just wasn't so sure that it was going to work much longer.

As if to prove him right, Luka shifted over him. "Doc," she flicked her tongue out as she spoke, the feel of her breath against wet skin making him shiver. "Relax already."

So slowly he tried. It helped that her touch was light, nothing more than her fingers ghosting over soft skin, flexing over his stomach and along the sensitive insides of his legs. Don tightened his grip on her hair. "Lukaaa... "


Her lip curled upward with the smirk, her whole face lighting up in an almost indecent joy. Strong fingers hooked under Don's knees and tugged his legs apart once more, lifting and settling his legs around Luka's sides.

"Doc," she said in her sing-song voice, "I'm incredibly good at this."

There were a half dozen things that immediately came to mind he'd have liked to say to her, the first being that she had likely never been in this position before and couldn't fairly say that, but the words didn't come. Her knuckles swept the complaint right out of his mind as rough fingers slipped back inside him. Don tried to move against them, get them to hit that same spot as earlier, but Luka was having none of it.

Just as carefully as she'd been with her hand, she slid her fingers out of him and ignored his little moan. So he wanted more, eh? Well, she certainly couldn't leave him waiting for more.

A thrill raced down her spine as her fingers wrapped around and stroked her erection. As weird as it was thinking of it that way, it felt too good as her hand covered the head to leave it there. And if this did work ...

Luka pressed one hand flat against Don's stomach. He looked up at her curiously, but she didn't even look. She was too busy guiding herself into place. Satisfied at the wet sight before her, and even more so knowing she'd been the cause, Luka pushed her hips forward.

As the head brushed Don's sensitive clit he bucked his hips, causing her to shift balance and slip. Rather than moving slowly as she'd originally planned, to really get the most out of this whole experience, Luka found it too slick to stop. So instead she watched as the head of her cock sunk out of sight inside of Don, into her own body, and Luka's breath hitched in her throat.

"Oh! Ohh... "

The hands in her hair yanked hard, forcing Luka's attention away from the hot, slick feeling enveloping her body and thoughts. Her fingertips slid a path of goosebumps across the mechanic's stomach as her hand wandered, cupping one breast almost lazily in her palm. Saying nothing more, she rolled her hips into Don's and listened as his breathing went tense. Satisfied, she squeezed her fingers around his nipple and began to wonder.

"Hey, Doc," she said slowly. "Know what's even better?"

He didn't. "What?"

That was all the warning she gave. The hand at his hip held firm as she thrust herself deeper into him, shudders tearing down her spine in jolts. She was quick to set the pace, moaning aloud to herself at the feel of his body squeezing around her.

Don found his whole body tightening as anxiety flooded him, followed shortly by rough sparks of something much warmer. This body he was in was reacting to every move Luka made. Her hands on his skin were almost addictive, and the way she moved her hips ...


She'd managed to hit some spot, some deep and hard to get little place inside of him that caused Don's head to fall back. It wasn't until his skull hit against the bench with a loud crack that he remembered just where this was all happening.

Suddenly Luka's hands were there, cupping his face and tangling into his hair. Don opened one eye, already forgetting when he'd closed them, to watch in a daze as she combed through his long hair. His mouth opened and all that same out was a high moan as she shifted, pushing deeper inside of him.

It seemed so right somehow, that he didn't bother to think anymore about it. Instead he turned his head first to one side and then the other, mumbling her name repeatedly against the pulse point of her wrist. His lips pressed open-mouthed kisses on her palms and wrist, teeth scratching lightly along as he hummed and whimpered into Luka's skin.

Slowly, her palms traced down Don's cheeks, neck and shoulders, crossing along his ribcage and down his waist before her fingers curled and massaged his side. He made a soft noise when her hands slipped away, nearly a whine. He was practically shaking he was trying so hard not to move, an effort sadly failed as Luka's hands hooked behind his knees. The mechanic bucked his hips half in surprise, gasping breathlessly when she met his movement with a short thrust of her hips.

Don trembled from head to toe as her palms smoothed over his thighs. Her nails scratching down his legs made every muscle in his body tense, and that made Luka groan low in her throat.

He let out a sharp gasp when she dug her nails deep into the small of his back. Once more he whacked his head on the bench, but this time Luka didn't simply comfort him. Her hands squeezed under his back, dragging along his spine until she could span his shoulders with her hands.

"Too soon," she mumbled. At least, he thought that might have been what she said. Don was having a little trouble concentrating and she was groaning against his ear.

"Okay, okay. One... two," she breathed, and he only realized she was counting off as the last word was about to leave her lips. By then, of course, it was too late to worry or say anything. "Three."

The next thing Don knew, Luka had him in her lap. Her hands roamed down his spine, stroking at the small of his back before dropping further. It was a struggle to keep down his voice when, as she angled her hips below him, she began to cup and squeeze his ass. Practically helpless, he roped his arms around her shoulders and pressed against Luka, gasping and shivering as his body moved and tightened around hers.

"Ah, no, not like that. Come on. Up, up, up, up," she fussed. Don was confused. Luka just sighed, her mouth pressing against his collarbone and scraping her teeth lazily along the curve as she skirted her hands into place. Whimpering to himself, Don bit his lip and waited as Luka lifted his hips. She coaxed his feet down to the cold floor which made him gasp. The sound of it made her laugh.

Puffing hot air out in a short breath, the thief bit first her lip and then the mechanic's shoulder. Letting her hands slide along his thighs, she helped to coax him into shifting his weight to the balls of his feet. From there, she helped to lift him and pull him back down over her cock, listening as he yelped when his clit brushed expertly over her pelvic bone.

Luka helped keep him in motion, riding and gasping in spite of himself. Already his knees felt weak and it was a struggle to breathe. Star bursts of pleasure raced up his spine every time Luka dropped him in place, his weight grinding against her hip causing him to squeeze his eyes tightly shut.

Don all but collapsed against Luka's chest when orgasm overcame him a second time. He couldn't muster the strength to open his eyes let alone keep moving, but the thief seemed to have a handle on that. She lifted him with arms he thought might be shaking, thrusting upward and coming herself not long after.

He must have fallen asleep, somehow. The next thing that Don knew, he was falling backwards and banging his head sharply on the side of the bench yet again. He howled and ran a hand through his hair to massage the tender bump, almost instantly letting out a choked sob as his fingers ran through hair far longer than his ever was.

"Luka!" he yelped. He was starting to get used to speaking in her voice, he thought. It wasn't so weird now. "That -- That didn't work at all!"

His whines were met with a sleepy growl. Luka had slumped backward, leaning against the far wall as she slept. She wasn't particularly happy about being woken up, Don could hear that in her tone, which became more upset when her hands stretched over her bare, flat chest.

"Augh," she commented, eyes still closed. Don agreed.

Slowly, Luka shifted and arched her back, stretching her back and arms with a loud yawn she attempted to muffle into her shoulder. The sight of a nervous Don sitting right in front of her made the pirate grin. She reached out and slowly ran her fingers along his collarbone, tracing downward to cup his breasts.

He started, for some reason not at all expecting her to do that. Briefly squeezing her fingers, the thief slid her hands back to her sides. Her dark eyes shone, taking in the sight of her body's toned legs and stomach and everything in between. "Hmmm... At least it's a good view."

Don went red. "Y-You -- " He started to cross his arms over his chest but thought better of it at the last possible second, remembering what Luka had said about fining him. She wasn't one to forget a bill. Instead, he squeezed his knees together awkwardly and twisted to face away from her. "You said that would fix everything!"

She blinked slowly. "No I didn't. I just said it might."

"But you said it like you believed it!" His voice came out in a squeaky pitch. He felt so embarrassed and hot from the flush on his face that he wanted to melt away, out of her reach. "And you, er, said it would be good too, and it was, but... Really good... You said ..."

Luka waited for him to keep babbling. It took a few minutes, but eventually the blushing mechanic went silent and turned all of his attention to the flooring.

"It didn't work," she said, her sing-song voice taking on a decidedly forlorn tone. "I guess trying again is out of the question. Too bad, too. I was enjoying myself." A pause. "Not that I didn't enjoy you, too."

"Wh-- Luka!"

She grinned cheekily, playfully ruffling her hands in his hair and giving a gentle tug. She could feel the blush even up to his ears.

They sat another long few moments in relative silence, broken only by the odd hum from Luka and the occasional murmur from the mechanic. She stretched again, glancing around the small room to look at the small port window and the sunlight streaming around them. It was a pretty good day so far, she had to admit. Looking around some more, she saw their clothes piled just in front of the doorway where they had been left. If anyone had gone looking for them the night before, they hadn't tried getting in here.

Smiling still, she reached out and punched Don's arm lightly, completely ignoring his hiss of discomfort. "Don't worry about it," she said. "We'll think of something else. In the meantime, breakfast!"

Luke then feigned swooning and lay a hand across her stomach for emphasis, taking care to sound sad as she added, "I'm starving."

Don just frowned, rubbing his hand carefully along his arm so that he wouldn't accidentally brush anything he wasn't supposed to be touching. "You're not usually that hungry in the mornings," he commented. Either she was planning something, or she knew something that he didn't. Neither of those options seemed appealing at present.

"I'm not usually starving either," came her retort. With a sigh she closed her eyes and leaned back against the wall. "Maybe I overdid it yesterday ... "

"Huh?" Don looked puzzled. He very carefully placed his his hands on the bench to avoid any mishaps as he tried to figure things out. "I'm not that tired, though."

Luka rolled her eyes in obvious annoyance. "Well, yeah. I mean, I started in the afternoon way before you came in here... "

She stopped short, eyes flicking back to Don's shocked expression before quickly turning her attention to the window and laughing innocently. The awkward atmosphere seemed only to grow as silence fell between them.

Don's mouth opened and closed wordlessly, struggling to come up with a coherent thought before he gulped and came out with a choked wail. "Lukaaaa! What did you do to me?!"

"I said too much ..." she laughed, trying very hard to wave off his frustrations. It didn't work. He was fast turning purple in the face as they overtook him. His knuckles remained white where they were clamped to the bench, the only bit of skin that wasn't flushing with embarrassment.

The thief sighed loudly. "Nothing! Just practicing."


"Right, right." She nodded, the grin slowly returning to her lips as she proudly recounted her adventures. "Well, Doc, you don't have much experience, right? I didn't want it to just be over too fast, so I had to get used to it."

He didn't want to know, but he asked anyway. "It?"

Instead of answering out loud, Luka decided to show him what she meant. At first Don tried to watch, but when her hand disappeared between her thighs and she began to moan he tore his eyes away and covered them to make doubly sure he saw nothing. She considered, briefly, continuing with it -- she was half hard already, and it might have been interesting. He was an easy mark for teasing, and that just made her devilish smirk reappear.

Leaning over and taking full advantage of his hidden face, Luka pressed her face as close as she could get to Don's ear, careful not to let him know she was there. She inhaled slow and deep, eyes fluttering closed before she groaned heavily and pressed her lips to the shell of his ear.

"Oh, Doc! Oh, oh, yes, yes, yes, Doc, oh!" She moaned as loud as she could manage, barely holding back a laugh. "Give it to me, yes!"

Don promptly shrieked and fell backwards off the bench, skittering and tripping over himself to get back to his feet. He stuttered rather than yell at her, then stomped his foot and ran past her to pull the shirt back over his head and quickly pull his shorts into place. He didn't bother with her panties or bra and just took off, falling up the stairs in a quick run, leaving Luka alone in the supply room to laugh her head off in peace.

She stretched again languidly after she calmed down a bit, slowly standing and retrieving the leftover clothing and dressing herself. The pirate took the stairs two at a time, almost bumping into Don where he stood at the very top of the staircase, face scrunched up almost like he wanted to cry but was afraid to start.

"What?" she asked, fighting the urge to whop him one. "What did you do?"

He pouted and shook his head. "It-- They hurt! That hurt!"

Luka stared for a moment, trying to figure him out. It came to her as his fists balled at his sides and she let out a whooping laugh, her arm slinging around his shoulder almost comfortingly.

"Next time don't go running without getting dressed all the way, idiot," she remarked, squeezing his shoulders amiably. The rumbling of her stomach interrupted her train of thought, and she reached up to poke the mechanic's cheek. "I'm still hungry, so hurry up! Before I lay you out and eat you."

Don didn't even ask permission to tie the knotted up, chest-height apron strings himself. Saving himself from the embarrassment of that blush and the questions about it was well worth the bill.