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Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

... Don opens up and Gai cracks up, inevitably.


"Oh ... !" Don moaned.

At least, it sort of sounded like an "Oh". Gai wasn't entirely paying attention -- if Don-san made good noises, well, he tried to replicate his own amateurish movements to hear them again. That was all the concentration he could spare.

But then it was Don, face red and scrunched up from below that mop of corn-silk curls, who yelped and dug his fingers painfully into Gai's shoulders, and the Earthling froze in motion.

"Don-san?" he'd asked and reached up, hands slipping away from their tenuous hold on the blond's hips to cover the white knuckles gripping at his collar. When he didn't get an immediate answer -- quite understandably so as Don was panting for breath -- Gai squeezed the other boy's hands.

"Tell me! Come on, Don-san... "

Excitedly, he rocked on the balls of his feet. It was a habit that normally would have been brushed aside or completely ignored. There was, of course, no overlooking it when he was buried so deeply inside of Don's body. The mechanic shook and arched off the bed, a loud whine caught in the far back of his throat, surprising them both.

Gai moaned low in response, biting his own lip as the muscles of Don's body contracted fast around him. His hands tightened around the other's wrists and he shook his head.

Though futile, Don began to whine. That high, soft sound could not draw away Gai's attention from the spasming muscles he was still thrusting into. He could feel the erratic movement of the novice's hips grinding into his own and could do nothing but whimper and soothe his palms over the nail marks he'd made on Gai's shoulders. The pressure was only mounting with each thrust.

The younger faulted awkwardly, his arms and shoulders jerking about and knocking away Don's hands on accident. The blond was pouting, but still willing to move his body against Gai as climax swept through the sixth ranger. His coercion kept them both moving through it, even if Gai was shaking as his fingers dug back into Don's sides.

He watched with lidded eyes, paying no more attention as Don's hand snaked over the flat of his stomach. It wasn't until his breathy squeal keened in his throat that Gai took notice of the blond again. All questions died in his dry mouth as he leaned back in fascination to watch the mechanic's hand work his cock.

Their eyes met. Don's mouth opened to speak, but no words could make it past Gai's lips. The kiss was sudden, and the taste of the novice pirate's tongue helped tip Don over the edge. With a muffled but tangible moan, he came against his palm and the other boy's abdomen.

Gai's smile was shaky but bright. He pulled free and flopped onto the bed on his belly beside Don, and wheezed out a happy giggle. Don made a face, half pout and half sheer frustration, but still wiggled in place in an attempt to make room.

Teasingly he murmured, "Don-san." He nuzzled his face into the blond's damp neck, giggling. His hand was sticky as he draped it across Don's chest. The mechanic shoved at him halfheartedly.

"Cut it out, Gai," he whined. The boy only smiled more broadly. Don sighed. "Why do you have to do that every time?"


Worry cut through Gai's smile and he propped himself up onto his elbows, staring over at the blond in alarm. His afterglow cut short, the young man suddenly became fearful of his performance.

"Wait, hold on, but... " He bit his lip. "Don-san, what is it?"

The blond shook the moist bangs from out his eyes. He glanced toward Gai, but looked away with an annoyed huff, causing the other young man to whine loudly. Not that Don cared overmuch. He kept his gaze elsewhere and tried not to listen to the sad way Gai's breath hitched in the back of his throat.

"I mean it," Don went on. "It's always-- you're, you always ..." Red stained his cheeks as his embarrassment over the topic at hand caught up with him. He rolled to his side, facing as far away from the other male as he could and mumbled something into the crook of his elbow. Gai couldn't even be sure what he'd said was in an Earthen language, much less understand a lick of it.

He almost got lost in that tangent, wondering what intergalactic languages Don might know and maybe even teach him... But before he could lose himself in thought, Gai rolled over and pressed his cheek tight against the damp of Don's neck instead. He could feel the tremor run down the blond's spine as he exhaled over bare skin.

"Don-san?" He asked again, voice very quiet, "What's wrong... ?"

Goosebumps prickled over his back as he sighed, pressing him closer to Gai. The tension in his shoulders was terrible, even though he was huddled in on himself in shame. When mumbling his answer didn't work again and Gai squeezed an encouraging arm around his waist, the mechanic relented to speak up just enough to be heard. "Why do I always have to be last?"

As if his being selfish and embarrassing wasn't enough, Gai began to laugh. A full, rich sound, echoing through the tiny room as he squeezed the mechanic (despite Don's whacking at Gai with both hands) and rolled around the bed in a strange fit of glee. Gai kept cracking up and hooting with laughter no matter how hard Don whined and begged for him to stop, lasting for hours until very late that night. Back in the same bed he regained his calm with his arms slung lazily over Don's shoulders as they lay side by side on their bellies.

"Don-san," he said at last, just as the other boy was about to drift off into dreamland, "thank you."

"You're weird," came the reply, but Don tucked his chin against Gai's shoulder all the same.

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