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All Afternoon Besides

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

... They have time to kill, so they may as well make it interesting.


Captain Marvelous' usual grin had soured. For some time now, too long, he had been kept waiting in his captain's chair. His fingers drummed against the arm rest as he sat longer still, ignoring entirely the small plastic tub he had been toying with in favor of the constant tapping. The sounds echoed with a strange loudness in the empty ship's hallways, a haunting sort of tattoo that seemed to summon the only other person still on board to him.

Yet it was not his captain's impatience which led Joe Gibken to the galley, but instead the odd silence in the rest of the ship which drew him out. He cast a short glance at the captain and walked calmly around to the front of the chair. Though he remained facing the opposite wall, he could practically feel the grin rising to Marvelous' face. How like him.

The drumming, along with his footsteps, faded in the same breath but the silence was not long permitted. The half-smile curled over Joe's lips for the briefest moment as Marvelous plopped his boots loudly to the floor. "What took you?"

"Nothing." A glance was cast over his shoulder. "Was I expected?"

He watched as Marvelous shrugged before turning his face away. He didn't have to be able to see the other man to know that the captain's wide and wicked grin was growing ever larger.

"They're out."

That was all; the entire explanation offered up to him by Marvelous for the silence and waiting games. Joe realized, certainly, that the other male was only playing around with him. Why wouldn't he? He liked these kinds of surprises and showy exploitations.

Somehow, he suppressed the sigh. "Out where?" Joe asked finally. He turned on his heel and faced the captain properly, hands folded over his chest. "Just what are they doing?"

Once again, Marvelous' answer was a shrug. It would have been nigh intolerable had he not spoken up -- though that was after procrastinating another moment longer and crossing his right leg over his left thigh. Showy as always. "Doc and Ahim are shopping. They'll be back around nightfall if they don't get lost. Luka's chasing down some treasure lead." He waved his free hand, dropping the one still on the container out of sight beside him. "She'll call after dark. And who cares about the bird? It's somewhere bothering the Earthlings. That bird can't keep track of time. You and me, we both know it'll be gone for hours."

Now Joe understood perfectly. "So what you're saying is we have time."

"That's right." Marvelous' whole face lit up, eyes bright and lips curving deviously. "So?"

So the captain was in the mood for a little release. Joe's hands went first to his belt buckle and it was no sooner unfastened than he had shrugged away his coat in one fluidly swift motion. His right boot was quick to follow, the left, and that pant leg. Marvelous grunted his displeasure at the time it was taking Joe to undress. Too long, his tone of voice said.

"... Really?" Joe wasn't sure that he was even surprised at the sight. All that the captain had done was to unhitch his belt and sling his pants low on hips hips. Nothing more. Joe shook his head slightly and let his hands free of his things. What a pain this was becoming. Still, he almost immediately began to saunter to the captain's seat, mindful not to trip over his half-off-half-on wardrobe.

The sight of that just seemed to fuel Marvelous along. He stretched and rolled back his shoulders, nodding his approval at the movement. "Enough already." He curled his fingers into that old familiar come here gesture, willing Joe to close the gap between them.

He did, of course. Marvelous wasn't the only one who planned to enjoy this.

The captain grunted under his breath as the other male's weight shifted over his legs. Marvelous was far from accommodating, preferring then to sit up straight in the chair rather than make room. Joe had to press tight against him, crushing his body flush against the other man's stomach. The captain groaned, slow and deep, rocking his hips experimentally below his first mate. The friction was electrifying.

Joe's grunt, though soft, made Marvelous chuckle. His fingers, with tub still in hand, dug eagerly into the exposed skin of Joe's lower back. His hands were rough, and his squeezes even more so, but Joe just rocked into Marvelous' cock in retaliation. It was a slow sort of grind, the kind that would really drive a man crazy.

Especially, as he knew, a man as intense and impatient as the captain.

He had his revenge in part. Marvelous sucked in air with an odd buzzing hum, almost distracting himself in the process. His hands picked up speed -- working quickly to grab and force Joe into an equally sadistic grind. Even worse, he'd sent sparks up the swordsman's spine as the pads of the his index finger tapped bluntly and with great interest down past his tailbone.

Marvelous was all too practiced, uncapping the tub's lid with a pry of his thumbnail alone. Joe smirked into the other man's neck. He knew what was coming long before he heard the familiar 'click'.

The swordsman shifted himself forward when the cap clattered to the floor. His captain grunted and shoved at his thigh with one hand. When Joe didn't move with him, Marvelous finally had to scoot low in his own chair. He and Joe slid together backwards. When he stopped, he was lazily low in his seat, but Joe had room at last to hover just so over him.

His fingers were swift, hard and cold and greasy all at once. It caused a shiver to run, tingling, down Joe's spine. Despite being the one who had pointed out how long they would have to savor being alone, Marvelous was certainly rushing things now. Then again, he did love to make things showy.

Biting his lip, Joe dropped his forehead very nearly to Marvelous' shoulder as the other man's fingers tripled their efforts. This close, he could smell the chair's thick leather and it seemed calming.


He'd nearly missed what Marvelous was saying simply from not paying attention. A bad call on his part, but Joe certainly hadn't missed the way the captain's fingers were curling inside of him, slick though they were. Lucky for him that he knew the leader well enough to understand.

He didn't say a word, but he nodded once. It took a moment to settle himself, leaning back and shuffling in place, but Marvelous was actually quite helpful with all of that, for a first. He gripped Joe's thigh tightly with one hand and drew him into place as the other dipped between his own legs to hastily prepare himself too.

His hips rocked upward, grazing against the insides of Joe's legs. The longer-haired man could feel the shudder of Marvelous' thighs underneath him as the captain slipped his hand along his own length. It was only a half a moment until Joe's breath became a soft mumble and Marvelous pressed upward with a roll of his pelvis.

Joe got the message. His hands gripped the back of Marvelous' armrests. He glanced down and watched Marvelous laugh and wondered just how uncomfortable it had to feel to slump that low in a hard-backed chair. Clearly the man didn't mind it, that or he was too distracted to think on it for long.

Marvelous' hips jerked again. Joe grunted. Ah... he was taking too long again. He could have rolled his eyes at the captain and his quirked frown, but he was just as hard and just as ready.

Squeezing with his knees around Marvelous' legs, Joe moved downward slowly, testing. He really needn't have worried. The hitch in short laugh rising up from below told him everything his body couldn't already feel. He smiled and rocked his weight on the balls of his feet, dropping as low as he could.

Joe let out some small sound as both of Marvelous' hands dug deeper into his skin. He urged himself up and ground hard into the motion, much to the approval of Marvelous and his thick chortle. He had to smile at that, even when the captain pulled him down and drove his pace onward and upward.

He found himself tipping forward, pressed into position by the odd combination of Marvelous' hips and curling fingers. Joe jolted and groaned audibly; he had no time to swallow the sound as Marvelous yanked him down at this new angle. He felt the corkscrewing of his insides suddenly tighten. Over and over, again and again, Marvelous was pulling him down into position and slamming Joe into his lap.

The first mate opened his mouth in a protest that died long before it became a groan. He was only partially aware that his bare foot was slipping against the floor, and that his knees were tingling with strained effort as he kept up with the captain's frantic pace. What he knew was that this was all remarkably unfair, but he hadn't either the voice or the want to stop it.

His head sunk forward. There was no near miss this time, for he landed it squarely on the elder's shoulder. He hated this feeling. It wound through his entire being, hot and tight and completely insatiable. What was worse, he hated knowing that while Marvelous was close -- and he was -- he himself was far closer.

Marvelous knew it. That was why his hands slipped over Joe's hips, pulling him harder against himself. Still one hand dared further, scraping nails harshly against the curve of Joe's spine before Marvelous' goal was found and met. His fingers threaded into the tail end of the other's long hair. Joe lifted his head in time to witness Marvelous' misshapen Cheshire grin resurface.

A hiss followed. The swordsman was pressing himself tightly to the other man, as flush as he could go. Neither of his feet were gripping the floor anymore, and though he was aware of that much, he hadn't quite caught on yet that he was the one trying to steepen their already erratic pace. That he still attributed to the smug look Marvelous wore.

Joe very nearly choked when his erection brushed over the cold metal fastenings of the good captain's vest. His eyes fell closed and he struggled to reopen them. How he managed, he didn't know. It surprised him almost as much as the sudden sour frown on the captain's face.

At first, Joe honestly didn't understand it. The bitter look, and the way Marvelous pursed his lips and scratched Joe's back and leg idly... The young man was confused and couldn't think. His mind was a blank.

He ground again into the captain's stomach. A dry mouth ghosted out a harsh moan. That time he heard the disapproving whine caught in his leader's throat and it came to him suddenly, the realization, so quickly and obviously that he even managed to smile down at Marvelous.

"Don't worry," he was pretty sure he said that part out loud. It seemed like he must have. Marvelous was looking at him curiously enough. He knew he managed the last words, even if his voice was thick and almost unrecognizably weak. "I won't hit it."

Joe moved quickly, ripping his hands from the arm rests and latching onto the crooks of each of Marvelous' elbows. The thick red coat acted as a shield and kept him from doing any damage to either itself or the supple skin below.

Fortunate that in that one move the two understood one other perfectly.

The hand on his back curled and pulled Joe closer. His chest smashed into Marvelous at the man's own doing. His breath caught sharply in his throat and with that action he missed the return of that wickedly familiar smirk.

"See that you don't," he felt first and then heard whispered into his ear. He shivered. Marvelous flicked his teeth and tongue both across the cartilage shell. The swordsman hadn't the time to fully gasp before his lips were taken captive and Marvelous' laugh met his tongue, swallowing the sound and taste all in one go.

Once again Joe found himself being pulled hard and slammed into from one side, and ground down into taught abs. It was too much to take in without caving. His fingers went taught in the captain's sleeve and dug in harshly, material scraping up under his nails as his breath hitched and barely managed to scrape out of his mouth in heavy moans. If it weren't for the captain holding him in place, he was sure he'd have fallen to the floor.

He came hard and it shook his entire body. His teeth clenched and in the process he bit his lip, though it took a while for him to realize it had bled. Joe rocked into Marvelous' torso to ride it out, well aware that his body had reacted and grown tight. Marvelous swore under his breath and Joe found the strength to laugh, clenching harder around him.

Marvelous' nails buried themselves in Joe's backside and raked downward, ceasing for a moment only to dig in again under his thighs. For a moment or two as it was happening Joe was terribly confused, as his mind was still hazy and thoughts were slow to process. He felt himself being lifted into the air and realized that Marvelous was shaking as he did it. He came then to another realization, that Marvelous hadn't finished yet.

His hands groped for stability on the seat. The captain wasn't waiting for Joe to catch up. His hips rose off the cushion of the chair with a renewed sense of strength. The first mate hadn't time enough to figure his plan out before Marvelous was thrusting into him again. Breath whistled through his teeth and he choked on his own tongue, but Joe only slung his hands back to the armrests.

He thought he might have heard Marvelous sigh. It could have been nothing, like the settling of some part of the ship as the wind caught it in midair. Joe chose not to dwell on it. Not that that was hard, with Marvelous pressing inside him at an alarmingly erratic speed.

When he froze in motion Joe could practically feel the need radiating off of him in waves. He buried a knowing smirk into Marvelous' hair.

"It's fine. Just do it already."

For another split second, there was nothing; No movement, no sound other than the gasping for breath below him. Joe could feel Marvelous' chest heaving with laborious exhalations and the captain's hands clinging tighter into his flesh, one nail finally actually breaking the skin.

Joe closed his eyes. He clenched his body around Marvelous, waiting. The captain jerked his hips harder and this time allowed the younger the freedom to move to meet him.

When he came, he did it loudly. While his yell was short for lack of breath, he made up for it with a following hiss and the way his hands dug into Joe's sides, causing even the swordsman to join in with a thick grunt.

His hands went slack and Joe collapsed onto him. Marvelous bit his already bruised lip as the younger pirate struggled to free himself and stand. Both shuddered with the strange energy that followed and again as the captain was pulled out.

Sweat had already tangled the length of his hair to his back. Joe rolled his shoulders to dislodge as best as he could without exerting himself too much. It took another long moment where he at last caught his breath before Marvelous said a word.

"Not bad," he'd come up with. Joe glanced back over his shoulder into the familiar grin. "Good for a first go."

That caught his attention. "First?"

Marvelous shrugged and stood, shaking his legs out one after the other to keep himself from wobbling. He didn't bother to fix his pants, just sling one hand down to keep them upright. "What? Did you forget already?"

Slowly, Joe shifted in place. He crouched low to lift his coat from the floor and hiked his pants up as he stood. Instead of asking what the man was talking about, or saying anything at all, he merely looked to him and waited for Marvelous to explain himself as he dusted off his coat, despite the remarkably clean interior of the ship.

"I already said," Marvelous continued, stressing the words with a sad lack of patience for a man in his position, "they'll all be gone til late."

An eyebrow quirked. "So?"

Marvelous' reply was simply to grin and pull his beloved coat from his shoulders, draping it enthusiastically from the rack stationed near the staircase that went below decks, to the crews' sleeping quarters.

He took the stairs two by two, making enough noise in his descent to rattle the knickknacks in the dining area. Not that he cared about such things, really. He didn't care about much of anything then, judging by the slamming of doors as he banged about in his room -- looking for something, no doubt something he felt they'd need.

Joe shook his head, though the small smile on his lips betrayed the act. "Again, then."

Taking another look at the jacket in his grip, he hung it below Marvelous' and followed him down with the slow, measured pace of someone well accustomed to antics and games. He saw no real need to hurry. They had all afternoon, besides.

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