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Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

... Kink meme fill. Luka and Marvelous are having sex against the counter in the kitchen, and when Joe walks in, they convince him to join in.


Joe isn't sure what he's seeing at first. It's too dark in the kitchen to tell with just the moon shining in from outside. He hesitates to reach for the light switch, because he can hear Marvelous muttering something under his breath, something that makes him laugh breathlessly and groan.

He squints, but all he can make out is the back of Marvelous' coat. There's something wrong with it, or maybe it's the light, the way it seems too bulky. Like there's someone else inside of there, moving around. He isn't wrong. He figures that much out when the whatever is inside of there moves sharply, when he hears Luka's voice moan and hum contentedly. The wind catches the coattail and Joe sees her legs, wrapped around Marvelous, pulling him into her.

She spots him from over the captain's shoulder. Luka's fist smacks Marvelous' shoulder blade as hard as she can manage. The resounding hiss from the captain only makes him drive deeper into her, smashing her back against the wall and his hips with hers into the counter. It's not until then that Joe realizes her shirt is gone, that her shorts are dangling from around one boot, how low Marvelous' pants are slung.

... Oh.

She pushes Marvelous to face Joe, and her grin is wicked. The captain shrugs her hand away from his bare chest and he grins, his face lighting up like it does whenever something appears interesting. Marvelous mutters something Joe can't hear, a question, and Luka considers it, her face scrunching up a little in thought. He helps her along to her answer with a tease of teeth at her earlobe.

Joe looks away, steps back to the door frame. He isn't even out of the room before he's caught, warm hands wrapping around his waist and pushing his shirt upward, claiming bare skin with skin. He starts, holds back a moan, tries to ask what Luka would think. Like he has time to get that far, with her twirling around in front of him.

It's hard to think with her hands undoing his belt and Marvelous' lips at his earlobe. Joe forgets to breathe. He's pinned, trapped tight between the two of them. His moans are caused by the lookout's fingers, swallowed in full by the captain's open mouthed kisses. Marvelous laughs a little into his neck, tugs at Joe's ponytail until he convinces the first mate to move with him. It will be easier, he promises. Joe doesn't ask what for. He doesn't have to.

Doesn't have time, not with the way Luka kisses the dip of his throat and turns away from him. She guides Joe's hands over the curves of her breasts, waist, and she bends, sinks lower and digs his fingers into her hips. Joe's hands pull Luka closer. Marvelous' chuckling rings in his ears. She pushes back onto him as Marvelous moves into him, with him. Three as one.

For the same reason, they remember it. The first of many similar nights.