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Our Swords're Sharpened and We're Ready to Sin

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

... Anything to pass the time.


If anyone were to ask him how it had happened that first time, the young pirate captain would have feigned obliviousness. Oh, sure, he remembered doing it -- the few times anything had actually happened between them -- but that didn't mean he was going to admit just how it had all come to be.

He remembered, without saying a word, that it began as an argument that heated up quickly and went far beyond a mere tiff. He'd already decided that whatever the argument had been about had been trivial; that much, at least, was truth. Marvelous had forgotten that it was Basco's leaning all over him and his too-friendly cheerfulness that led to the shoving match between them. All that he could recall clearly was the ensuing fight.

The whole of it wasn't as amazing as he might have made it sound, were he admitting to a minute of it.

It had been a long and hot day spent hunting down a pair of Ranger Keys on a planet of eternal summer heat. Its two seasons seemed to be "hot day" and "blistering hell", and with very little rain and a large amount of humidity when that did happen, it wasn't a place any of the crew planned to stay long. Though back safely in the Galleon and away from its reaches, the feeling had remained.

So Basco had come in and draped all over him as Marvelous sat on the floor and tried to use it to cool down. The very touch of another person was too much; he'd shoved Basco away, but the older pirate just grinned and did it again. Why he wasn't affected, Marvelous still didn't know.

"Quit it," he'd sniped. Rolling his shoulders to knock the other's arm away only worked for a few moments. "Buzz off."

Basco had just laughed and kept at it. With a growl, Marvelous had lunged and shoved him to the ground, doing his very best to pin him down. Not that it worked. As jovial as he could be, Basco knew how to put up a fight and how to take down his comrade in the blink of an eye.

They'd tussled for awhile, slamming one another into the hardwood and knocking the chairs at the dining table all around the room with them. Both were nearly breathless, but after a time Basco finally succeeded in keeping Marvelous pinned down for keeps. He found it funny, he must have, because he couldn't stop chuckling.

Neither seemed to realize at the time that the frenzied closeness and sticky heat was affecting every part of them. Or maybe Basco did, Marvelous had thought briefly in passing in the times since. Telling what that guy was thinking had been impossible even then. No matter if that was right or not, what happened next was simple enough. In his struggles to free himself from Basco's full-body pin, Marvelous had used his entire body to press upward against the other male's, and had unknowingly found himself grinding his half-hard erection against that of his crew mate.

He'd frozen in motion at the waves of feeling rocketing up his back. Even Basco's telltale grin seemed to fade at the edges. Genuinely curious, it had been the older of the two to rock his hips downward, just to test it out, that made Marvelous groan without thinking.

In retrospect, that was all it took.

Basco ground against him again, leaning in close to feel Marvelous' sharp gasp against his cheek. The younger man had scowled but couldn't deny even then that it felt ... "good" wasn't word enough. He didn't want to admit to getting harder from it.

Marvelous more or less stopped caring when Basco's tongue traced his lips. His face tipped upwards into it and he sucked greedily, trying to somehow will his comrade to keep going. His ploy worked.

When Basco let go of Marvelous' shoulders to tug his own shirt loose, the other young man mirrored his actions as best he could. He wasn't able to rip his shirt off, not while being pressed into the floor, but he could get his vest open and his shirt unbuttoned. That had to count for something. Marvelous ground hard against Basco's cock when he took too long to strip; his throaty moan ebbed into laughter.

"Marve-chan," he teased. He was really pretty good at that.

The details went fuzzy, but Marvelous very vividly remembered Basco grabbing at his waistband. He'd made an agitated yell as Basco started ripping his pants down around his knees, but it became a soured grunt when his knees thumped hard into his chest. It was hard to be mad with a warm hand slipping between his legs, Marvelous had figured out. Harder still when he had to breathe around the added weight of his own legs being crushed into him.

Marvelous remembered Basco fishing for something out of his coat, but not what exactly it turned out to be. That was probably for the better in the end. He didn't like thinking on how Basco's long fingers seemed to linger when they'd slipped, coated in something greasy and cold, inside of his body. It was tortuously slow, teasing enough to make him ache, and he knew that more than once he had tried to hurry the elder along by forcing his entire lower body against the offensive hand.

He'd won out eventually. He didn't know what if anything he had even been thinking about then, during those moments when Basco held him and he gripped back at his shoulders, hissing when he was penetrated and holding back the urge to groan as he began to move inside him. Marvelous had fought for control, squeezing and rocking into every little movement just to hear Basco cry out, tiny noises which bled into the harsh silence like music.

He was fairly certain that he'd bitten Basco's lip a few times to get him to hurry the pace along. He knew he'd raked open his upper arm the first time Basco drove relentlessly against his prostate. That really seemed to make it better for the other pirate, somehow. Marvelous didn't care. He'd stopped caring about anything that didn't rocket his mind senselessly into pleasure that day.

Supposing fairly, it was Basco who won in the end their first time. His hand squeezed and pumped Marvelous' cock as his own pummeled his insides, and Marvelous came and had his shoulders rebruised against the floor all in the same instant. His body tensed, every muscle tightening, and he could feel Basco coming too.

Somehow they untangled from each other, bruised and numb limbs whacking against the floor unceremoniously. Marvelous was breathing too hard to think on anything but pulse pounding his skull like a hammer. It wasn't too much unlike his friend.

Basco had said something stupid then, he just couldn't remember what. Something involving that nickname. He'd told him to shut up, that next time -- if he let there even be a next time -- he'd show Basco a thing or two, what he was really made of. It made them both laugh, low and warm rumbles in their chests.

Marvelous chose not to think about any of that for just that reason. Space was dark, lonely, cold, and without a person there beside you to trust, what else was there? He'd found comfort from that in Basco, and had thought the same could be said of himself. So when he was asked if he was new to this kind of thing, that kind of open and casual sex, he'd grinned and said no. But that was all he'd say on the subject; Anything more ended in a rough shove against the wall, or a hand snaking against trousers, all signs that said he preferred to think on the now. And he did.

He'd found another way to have his back watched over, and to meaningfully do the same in return.

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