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We Weren't Born to Follow

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

... A promise sealed in touch and quiet. The kind of thing words can't say the way bodies do.


Ryuunosuke moaned loudly and, a half a moment later, realized just how throaty and needy the sound had been and immediately bit his lip and turned his face into the front of the pillow. His fists clenched tightly at the thin blanket on the floor, knotting the fabric between his knuckles almost painfully. It was a welcome distraction from the distinct burning sensation scraping over his knees, for that blanket offered very little padding and he was beginning to feel the consequences of his having to rearrange his legs to keep himself upright.

Still, there was a reason that Ikenami Ryuunosuke lay sprawled on his hands and knees, reveling both in sweet, hot pleasure tingled with the occasional twinge of pain.

His back arched as another's hand traced from his shoulders and neck down his spine. It soon became a shudder as that touch slowly, hesitatingly, ran about the width of his hip. Splayed fingers whispered across the taught flesh of his abdomen and stroked ever so softly.

More exhilarating than even that was the way his lord's breath came slow and steady, unbothered by all of this naked skin before him. He sat as he always did, cross-legged on the floor, though there was nothing usual about his complete state of undress. Ryuunosuke could see well enough even from where he lay with his face half-buried in pillow, how his lord's excitement showed itself only in one place, peeking from above the tight muscles of his thighs.

Again Ryuunosuke fell distracted, for Takeru's fingertips were slipping upward and over his stomach. It was a touch so light it was maddening and Ryuunosuke found himself biting back another moan at his want for more. He had to hold himself back from moving against his lord, and it took a great deal of restraint not to give in when fingertips slid in slow circles over his belly.

A throaty gasp then escaped into his pillow, followed by a long and muffled moan. He should have known that Takeru's fingers would find his navel, and they brushed back and forth across it, his caress light and curious.

The samurai had to close his eyes and bite his lip so hard it very nearly bled. His knee slipped away out from under him and he faltered his stance, knocking quite on accident his lord's hand all the way from his stomach to his thighs. Ryuunosuke couldn't stop the pleasured sound brought on by that brief graze, though he was able to mask most of it in a thick hiss.

One raised eyebrow was all the reaction Takeru gave at first. He drew his hand around Ryuunosuke's hip once more time before pulling away entirely and seating himself straighter. He was waiting, it seemed.

It was more out of shame for his little slip up that Ryuunosuke threw off the pillow and bent his head lower. He did not rise, and remained bowing.

"I'm sorry, my lord," Ryuunosuke panted for breath. The words came out in a strange sort of rush. "I apologize-- "

"Enough." The lord folded his arms over his chest and tilted his head to one side, gesturing to the prostrating man. "Get up."

For once, the male did not promptly obey. He was too busy trying to drink in air and calm himself down on the inside. His entire body felt hot and tight, as thought it were a burning spring that had been over-wound, and no matter how he moved he could feel the pressure remain in his torso.


Somehow he was able to draw his gaze upward. His dark eyes appeared to cloud over as he raked in the sight of his lord for what was quite possibly the millionth time. Every muscle fit together on his form perfectly, rippled and pulsed as he intook breath. A sudden short movement caught his attention and tore the breath from his lungs. His eyes stayed with the tip as another miniscule twitch caused his erection to bob.

It was during that instant that Takeru shifted his weight. Ryuunosuke could scarcely believe what he saw -- not only was his lord the sort of person who never moved without purpose, but to flash such a view upon a vassal such as he ...

He found, somehow, that his mouth was dry and the tightness inside was joined by an aching. He must have sat upright or moved in some way, for the next thing he knew, he had Takeru's palm pushing roughly against his shoulder. The samurai found himself forcibly seated upright and tipped backward from the suddenness, bouncing him onto his bottom.

Sprawled as he was, it took that much longer for Ryuunosuke to realize how he was very clearly revealing his arousal to his lord. He made a scramble to kneel but found himself stopped by, once again, his lord's touch.

Softly at first and with gradually more confidence, Takeru's hand trailed across Ryuunosuke's bare chest. He leaned forward with the same usual stern look in his eyes, an amazingly cold thing in contrast with the heat Ryuunosuke knew that he, at least, was simply radiating. But his lord's narrowed eyes were so intense indeed that the other male swallowed hard and gulped more than air-- a pair of lips crushed fervently against his own.

The emotions soared through him, leaving Ryuunosuke bewildered and humming, almost rumbling, low in his throat. The vibrations had a similar effect on Takeru, who was at that moment far more willing to take advantage of the situation. As the vassal tried to tilt his face away and ask why, Takeru grew more daring and slid his tongue along parted lips.

Ryuunosuke's shudder racked his entire being. Numbly he mouthed his lord's title over and over again, little shivers beginning anew with every syllable. It was certainly aided by the assault Takeru had laid against his mouth, greedily sucking and nipping at Ryuunosuke's tongue and lips.

Just as quickly as it had begun, the darker-haired male pulled away bodily. Dazed, Ryuunosuke tried to follow, arching himself forward into the air. The young man was barely able to keep himself from tipping over into his lord's lap. A reedy whine echoed from somewhere, a sound he would later realize was his own wanting vocalized.

It was Takeru who shifted again, spreading his legs just enough that it seemed, at least to Ryuunosuke, that he was attempting to maintain his own balance. He still sat cross-legged, but his knees and ankles spread further from his body to take up even more of the limited room on the floor. But if that were the case, and he was doing it only for his own benefit, then why was Takeru grabbing at Ryuunosuke's wrists?

The vassal hadn't the breath in him to ask. His legs were shaking and scraped at the knees, but he managed to (with a bit of tugging) pull himself half upright to please his lord. What he had not been expecting was to find himself pulled back down and plopped right into Takeru's lap.

Even in his hazy mindset, Ryuunosuke knew it was improper-- the whole ordeal was, but sitting on his lord was far too brazen, even more so than before. He tried to get up but was still too weak-kneed and found himself grinding against Takeru, instead.

Takeru grabbed both of Ryuunosuke's wrists, taking one in each hand. He gave a yank and tug on the arms of his most steadfast supporter, drawing him closer.

With their bodies nearly flush against one another, Ryuunosuke found it even harder to breathe. His pants came out in a whine, long and low, as his lord shifted his own weight. Again they pressed together and the vassal's hands clenched. He sought, subconsciously, something to grasp-- and he found nothing in reach as Takeru took both of Ryuunosuke's hands in his left and held them high above his head. His right hand wrapped around the other male's waist and drew him more centered.

They were face to face, or as close as that could be managed considering the boost in height Ryuunosuke has from his perch atop his lord's lap. Both were hot, with sweat beginning to slick them down, though it seemed to the pair that this heat were furnaced from somewhere deep within their very cores.

It was Takeru who moved first, whose hand began to climb up his partner's spine. He let go of Ryuunosuke's arms and allowed that newly freed hand to come to rest against the outer side of a well-muscled thigh. The lighter-haired samurai groaned at the touches and embraced the other. His fingers and nails dug at all he could reach-- shoulder blades, neck and hair were all tousled and ravaged by his palms.

The arm behind his back pulled Ryuunosuke close again. He was unable to keep from crying out as his erection ground against that of his lord. Almost immediately, before he could even let that feeling sink in, he found his length assaulted once more-- this time by a hot palm. Fingers wove around him and slipped up and down in quick, successive strokes.

There was little time to register that, either. All he knew next was that Takeru was grinding into him now and he was pretty sure he might explode then and there. Between his lord's hand and the way their lengths fit together just so, he was nearly gone. Made worse was the way he could feel the lord's breath, ragged and uneven, blasting his ear and neck with wet heat.

The sweet friction seemed to grow more reckless as it drew on. Both were crushing against one another, open-mouthed kisses falling over necks and shoulders. Takeru's hand slipped from its position more and more often as he attempted to increase his speed, and with his concentration split made it so that it was difficult to care.

He curled his thumb around himself in some half-hearted attempt to correct his grip. Somewhere in the back of his mind he wondered what would happen if he let go-- if it might make Ryuunosuke grind his hips any less hard, he couldn't possibly take that risk. His own were bucking just as wildly all on their own. It was the sort of feeling Takeru wanted to lose himself in over and over again.

A mid-ranged moan rose in pitch and then dropped into a low rumble. Ryuunosuke could no longer keep his eyes open and as they clenched shut, he sucked in a desperate breath. His fingernails raked scarlet across Takeru's back and what would have been a harmless press of his lips against the side of his lord's throat became an impulsive bite. The darker-haired samurai shuddered beneath his lips, and Ryuunosuke mirrored the reaction.

He could feel the boiling heat bubble over inside. Despite knowing that it would happen from the beginning, he'd failed to realize he was so close.

"L-Lo--" He tried to give warning but was unable to finish speaking. Takeru's fingers slipped too far as he stroked and thrust his hips and his hand brushed over his pulsating head quite on accident. Ryuunosuke came half a stroke later, sticky and wet into his lord's palm.

He felt his entire body release its tension all in that one spurt and lay draped over his lord's shoulder for longer than what was surely necessary. Ryuunosuke was only able to come out of his haze when his lord's whole body quaked below him. The young man tried to pull away but found his limbs were too heavy to move after expelling all his, ah, energy.

Wet hit his stomach a few moments later. He didn't have to look down to realize what was now caked over the sweat and grime covering his entire body. Takeru's struggle to calm his breathing told him all he needed to know.

They sat for the longest time without speaking. Save for their uneven choking for air, all was silent in the small room. Takeru was able to compose himself first and allowed, for a while, Ryuunosuke to remain draped over his body. But this grew tiresome after another little while longer, and with a low grunt he shrugged the man to the floor, where he bounced a little and winced.

"My apologies," he wheezed in a near whisper. He remained flat on his back and drew one hand lazily over his front, smearing fingers through the white trail. "A-Ah..."

Takeru watched as Ryuunosuke brushed his hand off on his thighs and turned his face away sharply. His posture became more rigid and he pulled his legs in tighter, back into his formal seating position. Though he did not show it off, his own hand was opening and closing in response to the coating it too had received.

At long last, he cast his glance back to Ryuunosuke. The other male was smiling broadly, causing Takeru to give pause before his lips curled upward the slightest degree to sort of match the sentiment.

The silence that had fallen was peaceful. It was long into the night before they both lay side by side and allowed themselves some sleep, bodies as tight together as they had been during their short-lived and long remembered bliss.